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Bakmadan Göremezsin, Görmeden Bilemezsin
Acrylic and marker on wood, 70 x 70 cm, 2013

  • Bakmadan Göremezsin, Görmeden Bilemezsin
  • Bakmadan Göremezsin, Görmeden Bilemezsin
  • Bakmadan Göremezsin, Görmeden Bilemezsin
  • View From the Balcony: Trouble at Soyak
  • Facetime
  • Shape of Things to Come
  • Shape of Things to Go
  • Faces of Time
  • Artistic Territory
  • The Gallery Underground
  • Sustainable War
  • An Exhibition in Support of The Anachronistics
  • Civilian Tectonic Movement
  • Organic Relations
  • Expansive Education
  • Levels of Intimacy
  • Daydream
  • Travel
  • The Man Who Eats Himself
  • Intensive Care
  • Focus Domesticus
  • Conventional Monster
  • States of Mind
  • Facade Provocateur and Strange Plant
  • Internal Enemy
  • Palpitation
  • New Earth
  • Terminal
  • Life in Tozkoparan
  • Untitled I
  • Untitled II
  • Established 1991
  • Last Days of the Giant Turtle
  • Soldiers Deployed in Esenyurt
  • Sales Office
  • Chairman’s Message
  • Esenyurt  2016 A.D.
  • Boğazköy 1999

Cem Dinlenmiş


Cem Dinlenmiş graduated from Marmara University, Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Designs Department and draws weekly for the acclaimed Turkish humor magazine Penguen. After the group show, "Intersection III" (2008), the artist had two solo shows titled "Internal Affairs" (2010) and "Not Now" (2012) at x-ist. The other group exhibitions and fairs he has participated are "Connect the Dots", (Hafriyat, Karaköy, Istanbul, 2008), "Young Istanbul" (Färgfabriken, Stockholm, 2008), "Destroy Istanbul" (Berlin, 2011), "Disobedience Archive (The Park)" (SALTalt, Istanbul, 2014), "Square(s)" (François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, 2014), Contemporary Istanbul 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13, Art Dubai 2011, SCOPE Basel 2012 and "Her Şey Olur Exhibition" (Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara, 2012). In 2010, Dinlenmiş's first books Her Şey Olur (Anything Goes) - consisting of his comics in Penguen - wereas published followed by his second book Her Şey Olurin 2010, 2012 and 2013.2 consisting of his comics in Penguen. 

01.09.2014 - Hürriyet Pazar / Cem Dinlenmiş
Şehitler Ölmez, Beton Bölünmez (in Turkish) (PDF)

01.02.2014 - OASIS MAGAZINE / Cem Dinlenmiş

01.11.2010 - Radikal Hayat / Cem Dinlenmiş
Super-brain of humor (PDF)

01.02.2010 - Milliyet Pazar / Cem Dinlenmiş
It is not required to be funny at the exhibition (turkish) (PDF)

01.02.2010 - Radikal Cumartesi / Cem Dinlenmiş
Internal specialist suffering from internal diseases (turkish) (PDF)

01.01.2010 - Cosmogirl / Cem Dinlenmiş
Draw whatever you want (turkish) (PDF)

01.06.2007 - Radikal / Cem Dinlenmiş
A Written Cocktail Conversation (PDF)

26.10.2014 - Hürriyet Keyif
Şehitler Ölmez, Beton Bölünmez (in Turlish) (PDF)

01.12.2015 - ISTANBUL ART NEWS

30.12.2015 - CUMHURİYET
Dört ay önce 'Her Şey Olur' demiş (Link)

25.01.2016 - CUMHURİYET

İnşaatın İçinden (PDF)

29.02.2016 - SANAT ATAK
"Gelişigüzel değil hiçbir şey" (Link)

05.02.2016 - AGOS
Dönüşen Kente Bu Gözle Bakın (Link)

02.02.2016 - ISTANBUL ART NEWS
Akarca İnşaat Gururla Sunar! (Link)

06.02.2016 - TARAF
İnşaat Cumhuriyeti (Link)

Değişen Mahalleler (Link)

16.02.2016 - ARTFULLIVING
"Resmin İçinde Yazı Olmaz" TR (Link)

The neighbourhood has changed (Link)

Yeni Türkiye A.Ş. : Görsen Tanırsın (TR) (Link)

01.03.2016 - ART UNLIMITED
"Detayı sevmek, bir tür direniş şekli" (Only TR) (PDF)

29.11.2016 - XOXO THE MAG
Mizah Sanata Yabancı Değil (Only in TR) (Link)

06.12.2016 - SANAT ONLINE
Çağdaş Sanat Mizaha Dönüşürse... (Only in TR) (Link)

05.12.2016 - CORNUCOPIA MAG
Ugly (Link)

02 April 2015- Cem Dinlenmiş, "Herşey Olur 2014"
Cem Dinlenmis' new book, compiled from his namesake weekly column, "Her Sey Olur 2014" is out. The illustrated almanac delivers an al...

01 March 2014- Cem Dinlenmiş @ CerModern
Cem Dinlenmiş's work "Terminal" (2012) takes place in "Gülin & Emre Dökmeci Collection Exhibition" curated by...

01 January 2014- Cem Dinlenmiş, Her Şey Olur 2013
The third edition of the annual album book of Cem Dinlenmiş has been launched on 20th of December, 2013. "Anything Goes 2013", summarizes...

01 December 2013- Cem Dinlenmiş and Ceren Oykut @ Bant Mag
Cem Dinlenmiş and Ceren Oykut participates in the group exhibition titled "Kirli Çıkı (Art Hoarder)" which is organized by Bant Ma...

01 June 2012- Cem Dinlenmiş @ Çankaya Humor Festival
This year, The Humor Festival, managed by Çankaya Municipality, takes place between June 7 - 10 in Ankara. Cem Dinlenmiş's weekly column...

01 October 2011- Cem Dinlenmiş, Red Bull Art of Can
Cem Dinlenmiş will be a jury member of the Red Bull Art of Can in Istanbul. Hosted by Red Bull, the exhibition will feature 50 artworks selected by...

01 May 2011- Cem Dinlemiş @ Santral İstanbul
Cem Dinlemiş is the guest speaker on the panel organized around the 7. Graphic Days Festival hosted by İstanbul Bilgi University on May 7th, 2011. ...

01 March 2011- Cem Dinlenmiş @ Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin
Cem Dinlenmiş is participating in the group exhibit, titled "Destroy Istanbul" with posters from the series, "Anything Goes&quo...

01 February 2011- Nalan Yırtmac and Cem Dinlenmis @ Santralatolye
Nalan Yırtmaç, Cem Dinlenmiş and Tan Cemal Genç will be holding an interactive cartoon workshop, "Combination of Kids' Creat...

01 October 2010- Cem Dinlenmiş's book - "Her Şey Olur"
Cem Dinlenmiş's caricatures have been appearing in Penguen a popular Turkish humour magazine under the title "Her...