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Eternal Cycle Series - Eternal Cycle V
Oil on canvas, triptych, 170 x 340 cm (170 x 85; 170 x 170; 170 x 85 cm), 2016

  • Eternal Cycle Series - Eternal Cycle V
  • City, Labyrinth, Cemetery
  • Eternal Cycle
  • Demolish Series - Chromophobic History
  • Fragments IV
  • Demolish Series - Chromophobic Sample
  • Fragments V
  • Fragments VI
  • Fragments VII
  • Fragments VIII
  • Fragments IX
  • Eternal Cycle Series - Eternal Cycle IV
  • Invasion Series - Invasion I
  • Invasion Series - Invasion IV
  • Invasion Series - Invasion I
  • Invasion Series - Invasion VI
  • Demolish Series - What a Sweet End
  • Demolish Series - Demolish III
  • Fragments III
  • Fragments III


Tayfun Gülnar

27 December - 27 January 2018

The young artist Tayfun Gülnar’s first solo exhibition at x-ist entitled Chromophobia* will meet the audience between December 27, 2017 – January 27, 2018.


* A cell’s characteristics of being slightly stained or not being stained at all or its state of resistance to being stained.

* Aversion to colours, disgust of certain colours in particular.


Presenting a scary alternative world, Tayfun Gülnar bases his first solo exhibition at x-ist entitled “Chromophobia” on what ghosts strolling among the ruins voice about the failures of civilization. Focusing directly on the problem of inequality, “Chromophobia” confronts the reality that “colour can only be seen as dangerous when looked at from a black and white vision”, accompanied by the use of blue. Evaluating the case of the fear of colours at a level of social violence and discrimination and suggesting that the source of pain consists of all the individuals in the society, the young artist constructs painful scenes in the whole exhibition by touching each time the feeling of panic against differences without taking sides and his production is triggered by the defense mechanism created by this feeling of fear and panic. Through scenes of conflict, the artist renders visible the violent events of the environment of insecurity arising from the institutions and masses, the benevolent and malevolent sides of which he has rejected.


Presenting the audience tense scenes that make one confront one’s own darkness without being able to escape from it, Tayfun Gülnar summarizes the content of the exhibition as follows: “Chromophobia doesn’t offer the audience the favour of relief. Most possibly, you confront the darkness left over in your brain. You kill all your giants and stay alone with your hate. You start not being annoyed by others’ differences, because you are also the other.”

Dividing his works in the exhibition into the series “Eternal Cycle”, “Invasion” and “Demolish”, the artist is concerned in the Eternal Cycle Series with the impartial ruthlessness of the aversion to differences during each period of the history of humanity. Although these events have not spatially occurred in real environments, they are disappointments that cannot get free of destiny’s reality on the plane alternatively contructed by the artist. And the death warrant of the dream of utopia is announced by repeating failures... The Invasion Series is covered by the destructive traces of forms of violence generated by the domination of thoughts that one has blind confidence in. And in the Demolish Series, crime, violence and destruction are at the forefront; dysfunctional structures which are remainders of capitalism bring to mind Ousmane Sembene’s following words, “They built that big buildings, streets, tunnels and churches on top of human flesh”, intertwining the city and the cemetery by turning the old civilization founded now on spoilt, breathless and trodden bodies into new cemeteries.