Scope Basel 2011

Ekin Saçlıoğlu, Erkut Terliksiz, Banu Birecikligil, Burhan Kum, Lale Tara, Mehmet Güleryüz, Nuri Kuzucan, Seçkin Pirim

15 June - 19 June 2011

x-ist participates in Scope Basel '11 with the works of Mehmet Güleryüz, Burhan Kum, Seçkin Pirim, Lale Tara, Erkut Terliksiz, Ekin Saçlıoğlu, Nuri Kuzucan and Banu Birecikligil.


Since her first exhibition, Lale Tara has used inanimate sexual surrogates and objects as definitive characters which embody the artist herself. Tara, who has also an ongoing exhibition, 'Innocent Surrogates' at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, will present works from her brand new series "The Opera Stills".


Burhan Kum will present 'The Guide', 'Palimsest I' and 'Palimsest II', his brand new "epigraphs" as strong critiques of today's art world and politics. The works are a mix of readymade components making use of various materials such as books, stuffed animals, kitsch touristic objects blended with the artist's general medium of painting.


Nuri Kuzucan, whose muse is the megalopolis/organisms that we reside in,  will take place in the fair with his brand new works  'Nature' and 'Lookout', a follow-up to his most recent exhibition "Plan", laying out city landscapes from almost abstracted bird's eye-view using the canvas as a three dimensional platform. 


The young artist, well-known for her narrative quality and experimental style, Ekin Saçlıoğlu will present her works 'Many Came, Many Passed' and 'Countries Brought to Table,'a follow-up to her last exhibit "I'm in Shock but I'm Not Surprised'.


Mehmet Güleryüz, regarded as one of the most influential and important living painters in Turkey today, will participate in the fair with his brand new works, 'I Don't Know If I'll Come' and 'Strip-Poker'. These works, which create a kind of Ying-Yang relationship with their different visual approaches, are strong critiques of today's political and social conditions.


Seçkin Pirim will present two sculptural works 'Free Time' and ' A Nuclear Victim' from his series, 'Discipline Factory' at the fair. The artist focuses on constant structures and control mechanisms and how we as the audience can become free of them.


Banu Birecikligil's works are reflections ofher deep interior, removing herself from the rules and influences of the external world, a surreal night journey taking us between heaven and earth. The artist will take place in the fair with her brand new works in which she portrays imaginary places giving us a sense of déjà vu.


The young artist, famous with his expressionist paintings and figures bringing together real and subjective worlds, Erkut Terliksiz is another important name x-ist will present in Scope Basel 11. He will present his brand new works 'The Beatiful Outlaws' and 'Tea Bags' making use of wood, tea bags andcard boards.


With art fairs in Miami, Basel, New York, London, and the Hamptons, SCOPE Art Show has garnered critical acclaim, by bringingthe world's leading galleries together with over 400,000 visitors.

I don't know if I will come?

oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm, 2011

Countries Brought To Table

mixed media on canvas, 180 x 120 cm , 2011

Many Came, Many Passed

mixed media on canvas, 180 x 120 cm, 2011


oil on canvas, 225 x 170 cm , 2011

The Bear King

photography, 125x187,5 cm, 2011


acrylic on canvas, 190 x 200 cm, 2011

Free time

sculpture, 55 x 64 x 156 cm, 2011

The Beatiful Outlaws

Mixed technique on MDF, 220 x 170 cm , 2011

Nuclear victim

sculpture, 147 x 75 x 40 cm, 2011


oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm, 2011

The Guide

N/A, 48 x 52 x 35 cm , 2010

Palimpsest II

N/A, 7 x 46 x 57 cm , 2011

Palimpsest I

N/A, 20 x 29 x 51 cm , 2011


Photograph, 147 x 217 cm, 2011


mixed media on MDF, 200 x 185 cm , 2011

Glowing House

oil on canvas, 225 x 170 cm , 2011