Big Words

Burçin Başar

12 October - 11 November 2023

What we say, what we hear, the inner and outer voices, sentences that surround us from all sides... Big, bold words, words... words... Those huge egos that envelop our lives as if whoever speaks bigger is right and true, those times when we couldn't understand when the act of speaking turned into a drive for satisfaction...


Alongside the individual's quest for a place in society, Başar turns issues of identity, societal violence, and the intertwining of memory and the political into the practice of her art. In this exhibition, she intellectually explores the "blockage of meaning" with an ironic gaze by observing the nuances of human conversations, sentences, and gestures. She examines the condition of each of her paintings as a sentence, a sign, and an aphorism in itself. The artist questions the connection and confrontation between words as both a passage and an obstacle between worlds and individuals, drawing on her previous works as well as examining nature through observation.


Starting her work process with sketches, Başar, in her latest exhibition, opens the doors of her "kitchen," as she puts it, to the audience. By intervening with her drawings and writings referenced from her notebooks on gallery walls, she directly incorporates her notebooks into the exhibition, designing the entire gallery space as her notebooks. In the atmosphere she creates, she shares her work discipline, the notes she has taken for herself, her drawings, and paintings under the title "Big Words."


Burçin Başar's "Big Words" exhibition can be seen at x-ist from October 12th to November 11th.

Traps for the Eyes

Mixed technique on canvas, 150 x 160 cm

Fragile in a Hopeful Way

Oil on canvas, 110 x 150 cm

Traps for the Eyes

Mixed technique on canvas, 150 x 160 cm

Me, You, She/He…

Oil on canvas, 116 x 90 cm

Go Strange Places!

Oil on canvas, 100 x 130 cm

Look Quietly!

Oil on canvas, 80 x 125 cm

Late At Night

Mixed technique on canvas, 124,5 x 149,5 cm

Do Weird Things!

Oil on canvas, 105 x 180 cm


Oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm


Oil on canvas, 145 x 205 cm