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Day's Imprint 229 - Timeless Places
Pinhole camera, exposure time: 46 days (11.02.2014 / 12.27.2014), archival pigment print, Kodak matte photo paper, 123x90 cm

  • Day's Imprint 229 - Timeless Places
  • Bending
  • Dimensionless Quantity
  • Flat Earth
  • Ghosts Of The Past
  • The Fall To Reality
  • Dark Waters
  • Cosmic Soup
  • Humanoids/Aether
  • Humanoids/Carbon
  • Humanoids/Panspermia
  • Humanoids/Abiogenesis
  • Sagan
  • Absorption
  • Life Cycle Of Water
  • Silent Stone Of Time


Aydın Berk Bilgin

17 November - 31 December 2022

Aydın Berk Bilgin’s second solo exhibition Photon-Narrans, through which he works on the states of matter but manifests his passion for “light” that he deems the most skillful among them, is a celebration of the light and its journey in space, trace on the surface, and touch upon substance. In the works of the artist, who presents a visible imagination of a universe where time and space become singular, non-existents call out to yet-to-exists through words of light, from the photographic surface. To him, light is the substance that opens up all substances to knowing.


Inspired by the thousands-years-old knowledge of capturing light as a substance, Bilgin approaches his production with the passion of a craftsman, using waste materials or tin cans to create primitive and handmade microscopes and telescopes. In addition to the pursuit of knowledge beyond disciplines, the artist focuses on the relationship between light and knowledge.


Aydın Berk Bilgin’s exhibition Photon-Narrans invites the audience to re-think on the relationship of “knowing” built with finite and infinite things, though the use of traditional photography and printing techniques from the 19th and 20th centuries such as chemigram, pinhole, cyanotype, and mordancage. The exhibition can be visited at x-ist between November 17 and December 17.


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