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An Endless End
Pencil on paper, 29 x 37,5 cm

  • An Endless End
  • Growth
  • Dwellers
  • Findings
  • Gift of Princess Enuva  (only to be used in combat against direst circumstances and adversaries!)
  • Get yer lobsters&chips ‘ere before venturing forth!
  • Ineluctable Demise of Captain Longhead
  • Independence Day of d'Jakania
  • Little Pleasures
  • Memories
  • Return To Nest
  • Skeleton Crew #6
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled


Gökhan Gökseven

23 February - 01 April 2023

Having built himself an artistic identity based on concepts such as mystery, shudder, disappearance, longing, submission, perishment, and heat, Gökhan Gökseven welcomes the audience to stages where uncanny feelings play the lead star on his second solo exhibition and first at x-ist “WORRY NOT GREAT ADMIRAL, FOR FEAR WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU”.

Gökseven believes, “Fear is not only one of the strongest motivators in life but also an essential feeling that is most dreaded in the subconscious. While all organisms need water to live, fear is at the center of each organism.” In his new selection of works, he sets off from himself to explore the intertwining of these two elements.

The works on display represent fractions from the past of a parallel world where the storyteller’s mood is crystallized and turned into objects. Some of these fractions are memories while others are personal belongings, profiles, findings, or the dreams, nightmares, or confusion of these profiles.

Comprising oil paints, gouache, and patterns, Gökseven’s exhibition is named after a phrase told by an ancient Maori healer who resists being crushed by the sinking of the said void, in the last years of his life: WORRY NOT GREAT ADMIRAL, FOR FEAR WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU.


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