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Ottoman Slap
Acrylic, resin and pigment paste on plexiglass, 197 x 148 cm, 2013

  • Ottoman Slap
  • A Special Santa
  • Babysitter
  • Cusei / Biat
  • My Sweetheart
  • My Mother
  • Insomnia
  • Conviction
  • Vogue, Istanbul Series
  • Vogue, Istanbul Series
  • Balat
  • Balat


Stand No:

01 Eylül 2013

x-ist participates in ArtInternational, the new art fair that will take place in Haliç Congress Center between 16-18 September, 2013. 
x-ist presents the brand new works of Ansen, Ahmet Polat, Serkan Adın and Bahadır Baruter at the fair. Bringing together leading international and local galleries, this new modern and contemporary art fair in Istanbul offers exciting new art especially from Turkey, Europe and the Middle East. Some of the important international galleries at the fair are Lisson Gallery (UK), Pace Gallery (UK), Krinzinger Gallery (Austria), Yvon Lambert (France) and Arndt (Germany). x-ist welcomes everyone to its booth E12.