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Cheese Fire
C-Print, Fuji crystal archive pearl paper, face mount to plexiglass mounted on dibond, 96 x 200 cm, 2015

  • Cheese Fire
  • The Capital
  • The More I Eat The More I Get Hungry
  • Farewell I
  • Shadows Rise When the Weapons are Drawn I
  • Farewell II
  • My Home is the Safest Place
  • Shadows Rise When the Weapons are Drawn II
  • Farewell III
  • Farewell IV
  • Farewell V
  • Farewell VI
  • Farewell VII
  • Entroforming upon a Globe 7
  • Terraforming 2
  • Entroforming under the Dome 7
  • Entroforming under the Dome 8

Art Stage Singapore' 16

Stand No: C 6

21 Ocak 2016

x-ist @ Art Stage Singapore

x-ist participates in the fair Art Stage Singapore 2016 between January 21-24 with Ansen, Ali Elmacı, Erkut Terliksiz and Emin Mete Erdoğan!

Having opened its doors in 2011 for the first time, Art Stage Singapore in its first year enabled the region to become one of the important art routes by achieving a big success with the participation of 26 different countries and a number of 32,000 visitors. The fair, which is preferred by galleries frequently participating in international fairs, creates an opportunity for galleries, institutions, collectors and visitors to show their presence and strengthen their relationships in the Asian art market.

Art Stage Singapore, which is known as one of the most important art fairs of Southeast Asia, is realized in its sixth year with the participation of 143 galleries from 32 different countries such as China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey. The fair is held between January 21-24 with the participation of prominent galleries and art institutions such as White Cube, Aicon Gallery, Galerie Forsblom, Michael Schultz, Pearl Lam, Galleria Continua.

x-ist participates this year for the first time in Art Stage Singapore 2016 with its 4 artists - Ali Elmacı, Ansen, Erkut Terliksiz and Emin Mete Erdoğan - who work with quite different techniques and materials. Taking part in the fair with a specially collection, x-ist is one of the most attention-grabbing names in the press release and the newsletter of the fair among the galleries to participate for the first time.